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bars and clubs

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There really is something for everyone in Ayia Napa when it comes to bars and clubs.

Ayia Napa is home to more than ten world-famous clubs, with new establishments being added to the mix almost every year. Some of the clubs keep their doors open until breakfast with the rest not closing down until at least 5am. Unlike in the UK, these clubs don’t usually open until at least 1am so if you are planning on a long night you’ll need to take a trip round the various bars first.

Some clubs are open during winter weekends but most start operating in April-June. Some of the most famous clubs in Ayia Napa include Castle Club, Aqua and River Reggae.

Entry prices can vary, but you can sometimes get free admission to them by getting a ticket from one of the local bars early on in the evening.

As there are many bars in Ayia Napa fighting for your service, you can expect to benefit from various 2-4-1 deals and other promotions. Of course, Ayia Napa is also famous for its fishbowl cocktails. Some bars even offer free drinks upon entry. The central square is host to some of Ayia Napa’s most popular bars.

Most people hit the strip at around 11pm and move onto the clubs an hour or so after, often partying until around 6am. Expect excellent prices at many of these establishments.