Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday


Have amazing holiday

1: Many people have taken their passports out with them on a night out only to find themselves deeply regretting it. If you lose your passport it can cost £150 to get an emergency one, so leave it where you’re staying and use alternative ID.

2: Be sensible with your health. If you don’t consume enough water, you can become dehydrated quicker than you might expect due to the relentless Ayia Napa Sun. use all the relevant creams and take a break from alcohol every other night if possible.

3: In fact, alcohol can lead us into trouble anywhere but finding yourself in trouble with the law abroad can be particularly nerve-wracking. Drink responsibly to avoid ruining your holiday. Drug-taking also comes with various risks, not just legal ones. You won’t be able to verify the safety of what you’re taking, could end up hospitalised or worse or even banged up abroad.

4: Don’t spend all your money at once. If you’re the kind of person whose likely to be reckless with your finances, you may want to get a friend to look after your bank card. Never carry a huge wad of cash around with you if you can’t afford to lose it.

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5: Keep an eye out for criminals. Pickpockets tend to make a fortune in holiday resorts as they know there’s always a chance that they’ll find an easy victim, so make sure you’re not one of them. Child criminals operate in places like Ayia Napa too. Walking home alone is also to be avoided.

6: Think hard before hiring quads or mopeds, as many tourists have been killed when using these vehicles. Stick to cars wherever possible – and never be tempted to drink and drive.