The Nightlife of Napa…

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In a former life Ayia Napa was nothing more than a quiet little industrial village, but then the 90s hit and it suddenly ballooned into a sun-drenched clubbing destination with a nightlife to rival anywhere in Europe, attracting hardened ravers and revellers from all across the globe. It quickly became synonymous with the UK Garage scene and whilst dance music trends ebb and flow with time, the resort continues to grow in popularity. Thanks to an ever increasing blend of crazy, hedonistic and downright weird club nights. Here’s a brief guide to some of the hottest spots in town…

The Blue Moon is possibly the quirkiest spot in Ayia Napa, initially aimed at Scandinavian clubbers, but in recent times it attracts a much more cosmopolitan clientele. The staff gleefully get involved in the night, with their bizarre costumes and astonishing fire shows. There’s never a dull moment, particularly on its regular theme nights such as – Masquerade Wednesdays, Friday Night Full Moon Parties and Playboy Bunny Night.


A staple of Ayia Napa nightlife since 1988 is Castle Club, this imposing funky-house fortress is the largest purpose built venue in Cyprus. It is wonderfully decorated throughout to look like a medieval castle and is an all-around must visit for any serious clubber. Behind the vast faux-stone battlements are a whopping 14 bars spread across three ‘dance arenas’ each with internationally acclaimed DJs chugging out the latest and greatest sounds. They also have the largest outdoor terrace in Ayia Napa, so there’s somewhere to go cool down after throwing all those shapes.

castle club

Feeling brave? You’ll need to be. Situated in the centre of Ayia Napa is Nightmare, a haunted house crossed with a maze, but if that wasn’t enough, it is a haunted house crossed with a maze that you have to find your way out of, in pitch darkness. We won’t tell you what awaits you after you go through the doors, but it is scary enough that 10,000 of the people who have entered have ran back out the same way in fright. A truly brilliant yet, utterly terrifying experience, that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your holiday and longer.


Ayia Napa’s premier after party club is River Reggae. Open all through the night and into the next morning, you can keep the party going or simply relax and watch the sun rise beside a beautifully illuminated pool, surrounded by gorgeous twinkling tree lights. There’s a really chilled out vibe to the place, but it’s not always as laid back as the name and that description might suggest. If you’re in the market for insane drinking games and wet t-shirt bikini parties, you’ll find those here too.


Looking to carry the party on, into the day time? Then look no further than the Fantasy Boat Party. Captain Jack Sparrow is your host aboard this colourful cruiser, with free-flowing booze, you’ll soon find your sea legs – no matter how legless you end up getting. It sets sail daily at 4pm throughout July and August for a five hour party voyage. The boat features dancefloors both above and below deck, both crammed with party-goers, with DJs cranking out the best in drum ‘n’ bass and funky house and of course those old school classics that are guaranteed to keep a smile on your face.


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